A wrong pronoun





from a family member, no matter how hard I try not to let it affect me, is like a stab in the heart. 

It’s makes you think.. do they take me seriously? Do they understand I am not just pretending? or playing a part? 

It then brings me to realize how unescapable the past is, and how they may never see me as just who I am today. 

Sorry to hear that. :(

I know how that feels. I’m nearly three years into my own transition and my father still hasn’t figured out that I’m not fucking around with this.

I had a talk the other day with my mom about her actually calling me her daughter and Kaylei. She said she still ‘isn’t ready’ to get to that part. It’s been over 3 years now, and she’s made little progress (she’s made the progress in public, but not behind closed doors), but not significant enough for me to believe she’ll ever actually believe that this is me.

Sorry to hear about it happening with both of you too.

A million hugs for all of you.

I fear I can never really understand either side, as I am not a trans person myself, nor can I imagine denying the identity of someone who is transitioning or has transitioned.

May you find love and acceptance everywhere you can. I would wish you all strength as well, but it is clear that you already have so much.

I know it’s hard to think about, because this is something very important to you and very painful to deal with… but it’s hard for your parents, too.

They’ve been with you since BEFORE day 1.  And since you were born they had those preconceptions about you and who you were.  And they might not be taking the trans aspect about you as seriously as you’d wish or they should, but they’re still there for you, and trying.  They still love you, and you’re still their baby.

So while it is frustrating and in a perfect world they’d already know what to say and how to say it… just remember that they’re people and flawed like everyone else, and their love for you is there even when they screw up.  Pat yourself on the back for your patience and understanding.  Also give your mom/dad mad kisses.

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